Salon information

Salon name
Marry Relaxation
Takagi Building 102, 15-8Sakuragaoka-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Telephone Number
Business Hours
Regular holiday
Closed on Sunday

Package pricelist

All prices including taxes

Thai Massage Service

①Full body thai massage 60Minutes


②Full body thai massage 90Minutes


③Full body thai massage 120Minutes


Customized Massage Service

※Select 2 from above  30 Minutes


Extension charge(every 10 min)


Staff reservation above  30 Minutes


Aromatherapy Massage Service

①Full body oil massage 60Minutes


②Full body OIL massage 90Minutes


③Full body OIL massage 120Minutes


④Full body OIL massage 150Minutes


~Prohibited matter~
Please check below

※We have no sexual massage

・Touch the therapist,extortion or intimidation of sexual massage,and other acts that the therapist dislikes.
・using drugs
・an equivalent of Gangsters

We do not provide services to any of the above.
in addition,we judge that you are not the right costomer,we will stop the service immediately and throw you out of shop.
in that case we will not refund.

in addition,in the case of mallcious,we will submit the security camera video inside the store to the police and take legal action.

please be forewarned.